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OAMFT's purpose is to serve and promote the practice and profession of Marriage & Family Therapy.

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Below is a letter about changes in the Board and the upcoming election of a new president and president elect.

Dear OAMFT Members:

On April 29th, a group of us met to look at the state of OAMFT and see how we, along with others can build an organization that brings important resources to its membership.  We want to keep you apprised of what we are thinking and working on and invite you to join us in these efforts. Our board has gone through a series of changes. We have had significant changes in leadership over the last several years. We have also been working with the possibility of AAMFT dissolving the State boards. We understand that we will revisit a similar proposal this summer and part of the board conversations will include contingency plans if this vote passes.

First and foremost we have a board of six members. This is a fuller board than we have had in years. Additionally, we are benefiting from the strong leadership of James Brown who has previously served our board and has held the title of board president. Please read more about James and the other board members in the bios below.  We would like to have a board of nine, including one student representative. Once we have assessed interest, we will plan to hold a general election. We are proposing to vote James into the president role unless anyone else expresses interest. Please do reach out within the next two weeks if you are interested in a general board position or interested in running for president or president elect.  If you are interested, please contact James, Steve, or Annabelle at their emails below within the next two weeks (May 27th, 2017). The board meets on Skype monthly and meets in person 2-4 times per year.

While board members and others may be doing work behind the scenes it is important to not only inform members what is taking place, but also to find out from you all what you are up to. Each of us is a resource that needs to be used more fully. You will find an updated website and Facebook page in the next month. We welcome your questions and contributions.

As OAMFT builds itself we believe that creating a strong network is important. To this end we hope to hold a series of networking events to bring us together to share what is going on, what is happening during the legislative session, and to find out what we can be doing to make AAMFT as helpful as possible for you.

Our experience tells us that OAMFT can be a strong advocate for LMFT’s.  Our mission is to “serve and promote the practice and profession of Marriage and Family Therapy.” Through conferences, local networking meetings, social media, and working with COPACT (our political lobbying group), we hope to do more and more of that.  Because we are “systems” therapists, we know we can’t do it without the help of those who are part of the system—you!!!! We hope you will join us in developing a strong presence for MFTs in Oregon.


Warm regards,

OAMFT Board Members




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    • New networking groups, be sure to checking out our Networking Opportunities page for more info.
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    • OAMFT is now on Google+! Be sure to check us out!
    • OAMFT is now an approved CE provider by the State of California Board of Behavioral Sciences for LMFTs, LCSWs, LEPs and LPCCs in California.  OAMFT's provider number is PCE #5430.



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